Aleksandr Fedchenko

30 years old, Moscow

Hi! This page presents my experience in web application design, back-end and embedded software development, DevOps, system administration and control systems engineering.

You can also download a one-page résumé with the most important information from the link below.

Have fun!

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My skills


Dec 2020

Lead Software Engineer

· Moscow, RU

Role in the Team:

  • Design of E-commerce marketplace integration platform
  • Cloud infrastructure deployment and service administration
  • Development of marketplace and pricing platform modules
  • Research activity (ML-algorithms for data matching services)
  • IT department planning and management


  • Successful integration of multiple clients with Ozon, Wilberries, Tmall, Yandex.Market и Goods marketplaces
  • Release of internal tools that reduced labor costs to support individual clients
  • Improving the reliability of infrastructure through the implementation of the proposed solutions

Oct 2019
Sep 2019

Senior Software Engineer

· Zhukovsky, RU

NPP Strela (НПП Стрела)

Role in the Team:

  • Development of UAV diagnostics software and real-time operating system
  • Design of ground control station software
  • UAV mathematical model derivation and digital filters calculation
  • Research and synthesis of control systems (H∞ and adaptive ML controllers)
  • Development department management


  • Improving the quality of UAV control when using filters and control systems developed by me
  • Bringing the suite of on-board control devices to the manufacturing stage
  • Creation of a software platform that ensures the functioning of applications in hard real-time

Feb 2018
Feb 2018

Research Engineer

· Krasnoyarsk, RU

Autonomous Energetics (Автономная Энергетика)

Role in the Team:

  • Design of electronic load embedded software
  • Development of power supply test stand interface
  • Research activity (charge-discharge devices for spacecraft battery testing)
  • Analysis and synthesis of control systems for switched-mode power supplies
  • Circuit design and test stand assembling


  • Energy-saving full-scale simulation complex for spacecraft power supply systems testing (customer: JSC Information Satellite Systems)
  • Complex for testing the charging and discharging characteristics of spacecraft batteries (customer: JSC Saturn)

Feb 2011
Aug 2014

Embedded Software Developer

· Krasnoyarsk, RU

Autonomous Aerospace Systems (АВАКС-ГеоСервис)

Role in the Team:

  • Development of raido modem firmware


  • Successful creation of the firmware of radio modem and its pairing with the “Iridium” satellite constellation

Jul 2014

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